Spangled Banner
sequins/beads on fabric
36" x 60"
© Ron Orpitelli 2015
Continuing with a similar
approach used in earlier
drapeaux pieces (and
surrendering to an ongoing
passion for sequins for which
there apparently is still no cure),
I wanted to once again explore
contrasts caused by the
unexpected.  I took our most
formal and meaningful national
symbol and respectfully added
an unforeseen level of
extravagance.  My intention was
non-political, but rather playful in
causing a bit of a triple-take for
the viewer:
1) Instant recognition of the
American flag;
And, of course, it sparkles.  

In spite of my apolitical
intentions though, after being in
production for nearly two years I
must admit that I found myself
very emotional about being able
to dedicate this piece on July 4th
(2015) to everyone now able to
fully celebrate their love through
marriage thanks to the recent
US Supreme Court decision.  
And with that dedication, I send
my family, my extended family,
my friends, and my community,
a heartfelt wish for peace.
2) Confusion at a change from
the expected colors and fabric;
3) Engagement with the variety
of textures and colors.
© Ron Orpitelli 2015
© Ron Orpitelli 2015
© Ron Orpitelli 2015
© Ron Orpitelli 2015