Self Portrait / Sequins
sequins on velvet
60" x 38"
© Ron Orpitelli 2012
Photo by Tim Steele
I have always considered my art
to be self reflective.  But this
piece is my first venture into
such a direct approach to self
portraiture.  This was inspired
by the amazing portraits created
by Chuck Close.  I admire his
grid-based approach to
exploring color and scale in
creating an image.  My image is
based on a shot I snapped of
myself with a cell phone.  Given
my history, the choice of
sequins as the medium was
only natural.  Many sequins
used here are left over from
earlier drapeaux pieces (many
of the antique sequins coming
from the late-lamented sequin
room upstairs at General Bead
in San Francisco).  I wanted
each sequin to act as a dot of
color in a pointillist manner.  So
unlike earlier pieces where the
sequins were sewn onto
banners, here they were glued
onto fabric (black crushed velvet
of course) which was then
applied to a wood panel.  This
allowed for less overlapping of
sequins for more clarity of color,
as well as the use of a wider
pallet of unexpected textures
and colors.  As a result, the
picture throws light back in
strange and unexpected ways
(maybe not so inappropriate
considering the subject).
© Ron Orpitelli 2012
© Ron Orpitelli 2012