Tulip Mask
Swarovsky crystals on painted plaster
17" x 7" x 8"

As inspired by New Orleans art and culture (a passion of mine), this hand-held Mardi Gras mask began in a simple traditional domino style. But it did not stay there long.

The garden's annual burst of tulips played no small roll in influencing the final design elements: a trio of widely open multi-colored tulips on long stems tied with a ribbon.

And My Oh My. This piece officially heralds the addition of new sparkly things to my tool box, Swarovski Crystals. With their appearance, this mask becomes the latest in what I think of as my "Magpie Series". Like the Magpie, I do seem to swipe and hoard shiny things. And now, God help us, I have discovered Swarovski!

And the colors from Swarovski used for these tulips: Fire Opal Light Topaz Siam Olivine Amethyst Peridot and Crystal. To quote from poet Dorothy Aldis whose work I remember from my childhood:

"Just their names are nice to say,
Softly,On a summer’s day."

Created in support of the


"Unmask the Mysteries" Gala Fundraiser

San Jose, CA

June 2008