North Beach Millefiori
Acrylic on fiberglass (mini heart - 6" by 7")
© Ron Orpitelli 2020
© Ron Orpitelli 2020
North Beach Millefiori
Realistic paintings of Venetian glass beads in millefiori patterns cover this heart
as a tribute to this South Bay Italian American’s memory of frequent family visits
to San Francisco’s North Beach neighborhood over the past six decades to
revel in the flavors of our grandparents’ birthplaces in Italy. A subtle reference to
“il Tricolor” also adds to memories of living our heritage through family-style
dining with visiting relatives (and scaring them to death driving the hills to North
In support of the efforts of the
San Francisco General Hospital Foundation
to raise critically important funding through their "Hearts in San Francisco"
campaign for their mission to promote research, education, and care for all at
San Francisco General Hospital and Trauma Center.  Visit the foundation at
Created in a guided instructional group session facilitated by artist
Christine M. Oliver at:

Detati Art Studio
Located in Sunnyvale, CA, the studio offers group art sessions and
classes in various mediums.  For information, visit in
Sunnyvale, California.
© Ron Orpitelli 2019
This piece will be on display with the other mini hearts at Macy's Union Square
in San Francisco throughout January 2020.  It then will be part of the
fund-raising auction at the annual gala:
Hearts in San Francisco - A Night of Hope
An evening of celebration in support of vital mental health programming at
Zuckerberg San Francisco General - February 13, 2020 at Oracle Park.  
For event information, visit:
Carnival sign detail (chalk on sidewalk - 4' by 8')
© Ron Orpitelli 2020
2019 Luna Park Chalk Art Festival!
An annual event held at Backesto Park in San Jose, CA, this festival of
chalk art is sponsored by:

Luna Park Arts Foundation
The Foundation provides free and low cost opportunities for the
community to come together to participate in creative projects. These
activities include the Chalk Art Festival, interactive workshops at
schools, libraries and parks, and interactive chalk art areas at local
events. The Foundation also raises money to provide grants to K-12
visual / performing arts programs in local schools and nonprofit youth
programs, as well as stipend opportunities for local artists. For more
information, visit: