mixed media with sequins
30" x 30"

With maturity (as I am told) comes a greater appreciation of the journey itself over the final destination. I am aware of my own propensity artistically to develop a complex set of tasks which all lead toward a final result. I enjoy these journeys greatly and feel enlightenment both in the process as well as in attainment of the original vision in a final piece.

This project faced that tendency straight on by rendering the Chartres Cathedral Labyrinth motif in antique gold sequins which was then overlaid with the image of a Celtic Knot in pink.

I loved the concept of contrasting the journey of the labyrinth, a circuitous path heading toward a final destination, with the knot's single path proceeding through an infinite loop. The peace of the first journey and its destination of final enlightenment blends well in my mind with the balance and oneness throughout the second path.

As I celebrate an anniversary, I have been mindful of how separate journeys can both intersect and run concurrently providing support and enlightenment to each. And I am amazed.

"It is good to have
an end to journey toward
but it is the journey that matters,
in the end."

Ursula K. Leguin