Anubis Drapeaux
sequins, beads, stones with monofilament on muslin
31" x 16"

This banner melds influences from Haitian voodoo banners with religious symbols from ancient Egypt. The jackal Anubis was the god of the dead, of cemeteries, and of the mummification rituals. Unlike our dreaded specter of death, "The Grim Reaper", he was seen as a positive figure, an advocate and protector of the spirit during its final judgement. His images are ubiquitous in artifacts from ancient Egypt, and I felt he would make a striking transfer to the visual languages of other religious cultures such as voodoo.

I did stray a bit from the Egyptian canon by surrounding Anubis with hieroglyphics signifying life and prosperity, images not usually associated with him. Extending their traditional meaning to include everlasting life seemed the right thing to do in this case.